Where will the shoot take place?

Home is a good place to start. Or a favorite play spot, where the surroundings are comfortable and familiar. It's always helpful for me to see a family's personality in their space, and even take a few photos of my favorite details (little muddy boots by the door, a graham cracker with a bite out of it, your grandmother's knickknacks in the kitchen window, etc.). 

I also love to photograph families outdoors, where I can employ the most talented (and inexpensive!) lighting technician there is. I'm happy to cruise around with you, to try multiple locations. And I'm always full of ideas of my own.


How much will it cost?

Every situation is different. I have to talk with you, to understand the particulars of your portrait session, before I can provide you with a fee. 


What do I wear?

There are very few rules. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to wear something that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and the most like "you," rather than something you think you *should* wear. 

Definitely stay away from shiny/reflective clothing, or anything with writing on it. A little bling is fine, but nothing that's going to produce a reflection. 

Bright colors and prints are fine, contrary to popular belief. Although I wouldn't choose a teeny tiny print, as it can create undesirable optical illusions (think of those Magic Eye things). 

Beyond that, it really depends on the look you're going for. I love when people have a unique flair, but you may want to go for something more classic. 

Feel free to bring a few options and we can see what reads well in a particular setting. 


When are you available?

In most cases, I shoot during daylight, when I can take advantage of the best lighting technician there is (mother nature). A typical shoot takes a couple hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. I like to spend enough time with families that the camera disappears, and the relationships shine through.


No really, how much will it cost?

Packages start at $200.


Can I share my photos online?

Yes! Once you have received your photos, they are yours to do with as you choose! I love a tag on Facebook, here and there, but that's optional. 


What does your fee include?

I charge a flat rate for all services. My one-time fee includes full-size, edited digital files of all the best images from the shoot. This varies from 5 to 20 or more images, depending on all the variables. I don't believe in hoarding photos and making people pay for them individually. I want you to enjoy them. Once you receive your images, you can print/share/publish them however you like.



Contact me without obligation, if you have questions. I'm more than happy to discuss options.