I fell in love with photography at a young age. My dad worked as a photojournalist, early in his career, and I grew up with art and cameras all around me. My mother kept beautiful photo albums throughout my childhood, which I continue to pore over -- not just to keep old memories alive, but to uncover clues about who I am today.

Looking at the snapshot to the left (of myself at age two), I marvel at the extent to which photography possessed me, even then. Before I could write my own name, I was driven to build a camera from blocks. That little eye peeking through the viewfinder is the same eye that sees the world through my camera lens, today. 

In high school, I would steal away to the black and white darkroom on forged hall passes. My parents bought me an old Nikkromat SLR camera for my 15th birthday, and a Diane Arbus book (her images continue to influence me). Since then, I've documented almost every aspect of my life on film or megabyte (I sometimes wonder if my kids realize my camera is not part of my face). 

Over the years, this drive to capture the world one rectangle at a time has organically grown into a business. I feel extremely grateful the world allows me to make money doing what I love to do. But in the end, I take photos because I love to take photos, and because I don't know how not to take photos. 

Someday I will sit down with scissors and a glue stick, and put together photo albums of my own.