A pet peeve of any photographer is the inevitable "What a great photo, you must have a really nice camera" comment...which just as ridiculous as saying "What a delicious meal, you must have a really nice oven." So I can't help but gloat on the inside when I get to say "Actually, I took that photo with my phone."

But that's not why I do it. I love the medium. It challenges me in ways that a $3,000 camera doesn't, and it provides a social aspect to a normally solitary art, via the million and ten ways to instantly share a photo with the world. 

In 2010, NY Times photographer Damon Winter's A Grunt's Life photo essay (controversially shot entirely with his phone) won third prize from Pictures of the Year International, for feature picture story. Read his response to the the uproar that ensued. It's fascinating.

My You Are the Mayor project is created and maintained entirely from my phone. As an artist and Marshall McLuhan fan, I'm fascinated by how the medium shapes the message. 

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