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I never stop seeking beautiful images from other photographers, to inspire me. Lately, I've been collecting and curating them on Pinterest. Spark your imagination with my personal inspiration boards. Let me know which photographs you like the best, to help me design the best possible photoshoot for you. 

Click the thumbnails to open individual pinboards:

engagement pins photo ideas: engagement

wedding pins photo ideas: wedding 

portait pins photo ideas: portraits 

family pins photo ideas: family 

lingerie pins photo ideas: lingerie

P.S. One thing that troubles me about Pinterest is the rampant lack of attribution. As much as I love looking at, and collecting all these gorgeous images, I'm a little sad knowing each photograph represents an artist's intellectual property. I do my best to track down the original photographers, but it's often next to impossible. Please remember when using Pinterest, that you're trafficking artists' original copyrighted work, and provide sources for your pins. Thanks!